Meet the Bungees

Millions of years ago, an asteroid hit the earth in the area of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico. This event sparked the extinction of the dinosaurs, an ice age, and changed the course of world history. From the moment the asteroid, laden with organisms from another universe struck the earth, shockwaves shook the planet’s core. This momentous impact caused a parallel evolution beneath the earth’s crust and the Bungees were born.


A most feared crew, Omicron lurks the shadows calculating and mysteriously.


One of the two labeled “Lost Crews”, the Mercs report to no-one and care for even less.


The second of the two “Lost Crews”, the Ronin are true to their namesake. Lone Wolfs with no strict affiliations. That’s exactly how they like it.


Hailing from the barren desert dunes, they are wise and patient. They also roll over anything in their path.


Blinding and swift as the driven snow, this Crew attacks suddenly and quickly covers all foes in defeat.


Vibrant and as rich as their colors, magic and mystery surround Crew Sigma. Like a harlequin, this crew walks between worlds. Now you see them, now you don’t. It may already be too late for you to win.


Tough as nails and heavy as lead, they are both mighty and resilient. They are known for crushing anything in their path.


From the deepest jungles, moving stealthily through the undergrowth, they are practically undetectable.


Emerging from the depths of the ring of fire, they are known for blowing their tempers and blowing away the competition.


More is known about the surface of the Moon than the cloud of mystery. Surrounding this Crew in secrecy.




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Listen to the Rules Instructions on How to Play

  1. Flip Disk to see who flicks first
  2. Player determines how many disks to use
  3. Set up location of disks on flat surface
  4. Players take turns flicking

    • Players capture disks when Bungees fully stick

      how to flick

    • Players tally points on Score Board based upon each disk captured
  5. Highest score wins!
  6. Return captured diskt to the rightful owner



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